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Restaurants with Spectacular Locations

Fine eating isn’t just about the nourishment. Crisp fixings expertly arranged will convey a decent feast, yet the mood makes the tout group of the world’s best eateries a genuine ordeal. These restaurants present incredible food in awesome and irregular areas.

Sani Mountain Lodge

Lesotho is a modest kingdom totally encompassed by South Africa. It sits at the highest point of the Drakensberg Mountains, almost 10,000 feet above ocean level. Lesotho’s tough and undeveloped mountain magnificence draw a huge number of guests consistently and for the individuals who come nearer from the south, the Sani pass is the main entryway. The Sani Mountain Lodge is an inn and eatery appropriate on the fringe at the highest point of the Sani pass. The hotel itself, while not precisely unobtrusive, is not an extravagant building, but rather its provincial appeal is second to none. Following a day knocking along miles of potholed rock street, the rich wood and calfskin lounge area lit by the gleaming light from the stone chimney is the ideal place to unwind. The territory above and behind the horseshoe ban is papered with cash from-the barkeeps guarantee each nation on earth. Yet, the view makes the Sani exceptional. The rich green valley with its cross section work maze of streams extends before all of you the path to the skyline. Appreciate it over a customary supper of oxtail soup with a glass of port.

El Diablo

For most eateries, vitality costs make up around 5% of the aggregate working spending plan. At El Diablo on Lanzarote Island, they’re sparing cash by warming their flame broil with magma. Lanzarote is a volcanic island off the shore of Morocco, and the westernmost segment of the island is a national stop where fountains and magma have formed the scene over ages. El Diablo is in a roundabout working on one of the numerous volcanoes. It has 360 degrees of windows offering all encompassing perspectives of the Fire Mountains. The genuine draw is the barbecue that sits over a profound vent into the earth. The fountain of liquid magma hasn’t emitted in about two centuries, yet the vent still pumps out air at 450 degrees. Treat yourself to geothermal-flame broiled pompano with a jug from the eatery’s fine choice of Spanish wines.


The Maldives sit like a pearl necklace in the Indian Ocean, 500 miles southwest of Sri Lanka. This tropical Eden has been a go-to goal for the affluent for quite a long time, and it is no more abnormal to luxury. Hilton lodgings took the privilege higher than ever – or rather, profundities – when they manufactured the world’s first submerged eatery. Ithaa sits five meters beneath the waves and is made of straightforward acrylic. Burger joints are encompassed by the bottomless existence of the shallow ocean and can appreciate a dinner of fish sashimi while selecting from the Hilton’s wine basement with more than 1,400 marks. It just seats 14 individuals, and because of the designing issues of being submerged, it’ll just be around for a long time. It would be one of the slightest beneficial eateries on the planet if a normal supper didn’t cost $450.